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Advantages of e-filing with Form 2290 Filing

When you e-file IRS Form 2290 online with us you receive:

  • Faster than paper-filed returns.
  • Prompt confirmation of filing.
  • Flexible filing taxes.
  • Greater accuracy in processing returns.
  • Instant status updates.
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File Form 2290 for the tax year 2022-2023 electronically when you are reporting more than 25 taxable vehicles for a tax period. Ensure to pay truck taxes by taking taxable gross weight into consideration. Moreover, ensure to report the tax-exempt vehicle by filing IRS Form 2290 under the suspension category. Don’t pay road taxes when the vehicle doesn’t exceed 5,000 miles in a tax year.


Form 2290 Filing systems enable to exist without any conflicts from a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone at your doorstep.

Cloud Stored Data

Our cloud computing model software stores the sensitive data you have a key in on remote servers. As the data is stored in encrypted software, the third-party system can’t access the information.

Smart Access

With access to easy-to-understand by providing step-by-step instructions, or safety checklists, the truckers can easily file Form 2290.

Access any Where

We store the information in the form of a cloud storage mechanism, the filers can restore back the 2290 filing history at any time for nearly four years.

Bulk Upload

Form 2290 Filing allows the truckers to bulk upload VIN’s with the help of a bulk upload template at once. Minimize the errors that occur when entering multiple VIN’s manually by uploading numerous VIN’s with us.

IRS Audit Support

We allow IRS audit supports. When you choose us to e-file 2290 Tax Form, you’ll receive instant status updates. We assist you in collecting IRS Digital Watermarked 2290 Schedule 1 after the IRS accepting 2290 return.

Calculate 2290 taxes with 100% accuracy

Put an end to manual tax calculation. Simply calculate Heavy Vehicle Use Tax with accurate results. Enter the First Use Month, gross weight, and mileage limit of the vehicle, and click on calculate. With ease, we summarize what you owe to the IRS with guaranteed 100% results.


IRS approved 2290 online filing

Like no e-filing service ever before, the truckers can report more than 25 heavy vehicle information at once by getting started with us.

Running your own fleet? Get relief from 2290 tax season! Form 2290 filing helps to file taxes on your own.

Trust the experts and e-file 2290 Forms quickly and efficiently. IRS Form 2290 online submission is very easy process with Form2290filing.com. E-file now and get 2290 Schedule 1 in minutes.

Save precious time, money by using a modern method of submitting tax returns to the IRS electronically. Go eco-friendly and preserve nature.

Get updated every minute we provide IRS audit support. Easily file corrected 2290 returns to the IRS within minutes.

2290 Tax Form Ensures Heavy Vehicle Business continuity

For the past few years, most individuals operate businesses or trades using heavy vehicles on public highways within the United States. The trucker is responsible to drive safely and deliver goods or services on time. Any damage or delay in delivery may lead the trucker to face personal loss. As we know earlier, the heavy vehicles which carry a heavy load for transportation damage public roads. But make sure that, there are other tax-exempt vehicles that use public highways as a means of transportation. The tax-exempt like vans, pickup trucks, school busses, etc. Due to damages the roads are congested and consumes more time for transporting. To overcome these issues, the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax was imposed on vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds. The IRS collects the Highway Tax and transfers it to state authorities for highway maintenance and reconstruction of public roads. Thereby, HVUT ensures business continuity.


Now you can electronically file, or e-file, your heavy vehicle use (HVUT)2290 Tax form for any vehicle over 55,000 pounds. If you have more than 25 vehicles at this weight, e-filing is required by the IRS.

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Economic growth

As we know, Highway Excise Tax used to ensure seamless functioning of the trucking industry. The fee assessed on individuals as HVUT is used to increase transportation infrastructure investments. Additionally, it is essentially used to finance various programs like highway law enforcement, congestion relief programs, etc. With the help of these programs:

Claim 2290 credits

The major advantage of filing 2290 Tax Form is, one can claim credit for the tax paid on the heavy vehicle which is stolen, destroyed, or transferred. Furthermore, when the taxable vehicle falls under the suspension category, the truck owner can claim a credit against previously paid truck tax. The truck owner can file 2290 amendment return to claim credits for the change in the vehicle category, or else change in vehicle weight or any other changes.

Apart from the above changes, the trucker can report the vehicle when suddenly falls under the taxable vehicle category by paying 2290 tax for the tax period.


Want to know what you’re paying ahead of time? Simply enter your details into our tax calculator, and you can find out what you owe now! In an instant, we’ll calculate the amount you owe with guaranteed 100% accuracy.

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Stay away from 2290 penalties

As per the IRS rules, the trucker who doesn’t pay HVUT and file 2290 tax form on time may face the risk of 2290 penalties. Moreover, the IRS penalties are heavy and hefty. In addition to penalties, the IRS also charges interest monthly up to five months for the delay in payment of highway tax. Furthermore, the highway authorities may suspend your heavy vehicle under the state DMV for unpaid tax dues to the IRS. In some cases, the individual may get imprisoned. To resolve these issues, the most convenient way is to file 2290 Form and pay road taxes within the deadline.

Enhance smooth and safe travels

By paying excise tax and reporting the heavy vehicle by filing IRS Form 2290, the truckers can enhance seamless and safe travels. As we know, there is a vast increase in freight vehicles in the past few decades. To operate the business on public roads smooth and safe is possible by fixing the damages at once. Due to bad roads and worse weather conditions, the possibilities of accidents are increasing rapidly. In order to avoid accidents, smoothen the highways by paying Highway Vehicle Use Tax regularly.