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IRS Form 2290 Online to pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Payment Annually. Pay 2290 Online with IRS Form 2290. Form 2290 Online Filing in minutes with more security. IRS 2290 Online Payment with various Payment Methods.

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IRS Form 2290 Online

What is IRS Form 2290?

IRS Form 2290 used to figure and report excise taxes paid to operate heavy vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds on public roads within the US. Besides, use 2290 returns to report the suspended vehicle information to the IRS. Because suspended vehicles are exempted from paying road taxes. You can know what is the purpose of IRS HVUT 2290 when you owe a truck or acquire a used vehicle during the tax period. Uses of Form 2290 HVUT are given below:

  • Figure out and pay 2290 taxes when the vehicle falls into a new category.
  • Report the taxes paid for the acquired vehicles used during the truck tax year.
  • Acts as proof to claim credit when the vehicle drives less than the mileage limit by the end of the tax period.
  • Claim the refund against paid HVUT when the vehicle is sold/stolen/destroyed.
  • Report the acquisition of used taxable vehicles that are suspended.

What is the heavy vehicle use tax?

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is the annual fee assessed on heavy vehicles to use United States National Highways. With the vehicle’s gross weight, you can estimate what is HVUT when filing 2290 for a single vehicle or fleet in a tax period. You may be wondering why I have to pay 2290 tax online to the IRS. As per the IRS norms, heavy vehicles cause severe damages to the public roads. Due to which the transportation for other vehicles became a life threat. To maintain public highways the IRS collects taxes and sends them back to the state authorities. Figure out how are Tax Form 2290 taxes calculated by below table:

Gross weight of the vehicle Highway Tax per vehicle
55,000 pounds No HVUT
55,000 pounds $100
55,000-75,000 pounds $100 + $22 per increase in 1,000 pounds over 55,000 lbs
75,000 pounds $550

What payment methods can I use to pay my heavy highway vehicle use tax?

Searching about how I pay my 2290 truck taxes to the IRS. The IRS offers EFW, EFTPS, or credit or debit methods to pay your taxes online. You can pay road taxes manually using a check or money order method. Amazed about what’s new on IRS 2290 this tax period. Recently, the IRS has started accepting HVUT payments made through credit or debit cards by providing credit/debit card details. The IRS will deduct the tax amount within 1 or 2 business days. Besides, pay taxes using EFW by providing accurate bank account details and routing transit numbers. Or else, choose the EFTPS method and e-file 2290 now and pay taxes within the deadline. For more information about How do I pay 2290 online on EFTPS, follow the below steps

  • Ensure to enrol before using the EFTPS method by providing necessary details. If you are a new user, make sure to create an EFTPS account beforehand because it nearly takes 15 days to create one.
  • Make sure to choose this option when e-filing 2290 Form.
  • Visit www.eftps.gov and schedule the payment within the deadline.

How to transfer my HVUT 2290 to another truck?

You can transfer prior year’s Highway Tax when filing IRS Form 2290 Online for the current tax year. Just include credit vehicle details when filing the new Form 2290 and the taxes are calculated automatically. Finally, you’ll know how much you owe to the IRS. For truckers who purchase new vehicles in the middle of the tax year can always think about “How do I add a vehicle to my 2290 Form?”. But you can’t add a new vehicle to an already existing one whose HVUTs are already paid. You may end up overpaying tax dues when you add a new vehicle to an already existing one. Know What happens if you pay your 2290 excise taxes late below:

  • You may be subjected to HVUT penalties.
  • Interests are also imposed until five months after the due date.
  • Even if you intentionally failed to pay tax dues, you may get prisoned.
  • The IRS suspends your vehicle's registration under state DMVs.

Who is required to file HVUT Form 2290?

Find out who needs file form 2290 by the below cases:

  • To operate business using taxable vehicles like trucks or tractors etc weighing 55,000 pounds or more you need 2290 Form.
  • Register a heavy vehicle under your name with state DMVs you require Form 2290.
  • To use a Canadian or Mexican vehicle within United States national highways on business or trade you must file 2290 returns.
  • Report a suspended vehicle to use on public roads file HVUT returns with the IRS.

Besides, you may worry about Why you need to file and pay 2290s online to the IRS. You need to file and pay Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes to increase mobility of vehicles. Heavy vehicles damage national highways with heavy loads. This caused an increase in the number and severity of crashes for all kinds of vehicles. So, to reduce accidents and improve efficient movement of goods the federal government distributes the revenues back to the states. For highway construction and maintenance projects pay truck taxes in time and report it on 2290 Form.

How to File Form 2290 Online?

The vast majority of truckers are confused why I should file IRS Form 2290 online. Paper filing tax returns consumes lots of time and effort and may end up paying tax liabilities. So, the IRS introduced e-filing tax returns to transmit tax returns from the user's convenience. With e-filing tax returns, how do I fill out 2290 HVUT in minutes? To e-file HVUT 2290, firstly you must have an idea on What information is required to Form 2290 E-file. By gathering what you need to file your HVUT 2290 you can hassle-freely file tax returns without any mistakes. Follow the below steps to File 2290 Online:

Register for free

Sign up for free with an IRS authorized e-file provider like Form 2290 Filing. Returning users can log in to the e-file account and continue where you left.

Key in information

Provide business details i.e., business name, EIN, and business type and vehicle details i.e., VIN, gross weight, mileage limit, tax year, FUM etc.

Choose 2290 payment

After filling out the required details choose a payment method to pay excise taxes to the IRS. We have different payment methods to pay truck taxes. They are EFW, EFTPS, credit/debit, check or money order. Choose the best payment method and pay taxes safe and securely.

Review and transmit

Finally, before transmitting tax returns to the IRS ensure to check whether the business information matches with the EIN. Re-check the VIN entered on the Form. Submit the tax returns to the IRS within the deadline.

Suppose, if you have any credit vehicles, then follow the below guidelines for how to e-file Form 2290 & 8849:

  • Enter the credit vehicle details to reduce the tax amount you owe to the IRS this tax period.
  • The e-filing system then automatically deducts the credit amount form the actual tax amount and provides how much you owe to the IRS.
  • When e-filing 2290 Form and adding credit vehicle details, Form 8849 is automatically generated. So, provide the credit vehicle information by attaching the proof to claim the credit.

How much does an IRS HVUT 2290 cost?

By e-filing IRS 2290s, you can submit numerous VINs at once for a tax year. The cost of e-filing depends on the number of vehicles you are filing a tax period for. E-filing cost for a single is very low compared to a fleet. If you are filing for a fleet i.e., more than 25, the cost is different. Choose the best and continue to e-file tax returns.


Find the right amount by entering Gross Weight, First Used Month. 100% accurate 2290 Payment Calculation by using 2290 Tax Calculator. Pay your 2290 Online Tax now.

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Truckers need to File Form 2290 Online if their heavy vehicle crosses the gross weight 55,000 pounds or more. Also, one should File 2290 Tax Form Online. If the vehicle mileage limit exceeds the 5,000 miles. For agricultural vehicles which are used 7,5000 miles then one should File 2290 Online. Heavy Highway Use Tax Payment must paid to an IRS Electronically, if you suppose to pay HVUT.

What are the advantages of filing IRS Form 2290 Online? (H3)

Following information helps you to understand How Form 2290 e-file works:

  • Easy-to-use system software helps to fill out information in minutes.
  • Provides 256-bit security encrypted software to secure the information from the third-party networks.
  • Stores the information safely in the cloud for nearly five years. So, you can retrieve the information with a one step log in to your e-file account.
  • Minimizes filing time errors by providing instant error checks.
  • Transmits tax returns with greater accuracy to the IRS even on the last hours of the due date.

Important dates for IRS HVUT Form 2290 e-filing

2290 Deadline to pay truck taxes and report it to the IRS depends on the vehicle i.e., filing Form 2290 for existing or a new vehicle. According to the IRS, 2290 tax season begins from July 1st of the current year and ends by June 30th of the following year. The taxes are due annually by August 31st. For already existing, choose FUM as July and file 2290 Tax Form by August 31st. report the newly purchased vehicles by filing HVUT return by the last date of the following of FUM. Don’t consider that the filing deadline is tied with vehicle registration. 2290 filing deadline and vehicle registration are variants. Register a newly purchased vehicle with the State’s DMV within 6 months of purchase date.

Do I have to file Form 2290 every year?

You must file 2290 return every tax year in the below circumstances:

  • Operate business/trade using heavy vehicles every tax year.
  • Purchase a new vehicle weighing 55,000 lbs or more.
  • Acquire already used vehicles to use on public roads.
  • Lease a truck for an individual.

Getting panic about What happens if you don’t file 2290. The IRS subject penalties along with interest when you fail to file a 2290 return with the IRS within the due date. Here are the penalty details:

  • 4.5% of penalty is imposed on the total tax due if you fail to file within August 31st. It is assessed on a monthly basis for up to five months.
  • 0.5% of penalty is imposed if you fail to pay HVUT. Additionally, interests are charged at nearly 0.54% per month.

When is Form 2290 due for the 2024-2025 tax period?

File Form 2290 to operate business for already existing vehicles for 2024-2025 by August 31st, 2025. If you purchase a heavy vehicle in the middle of the tax period other than July, file 2290 by the last date of the following month of purchase.

What is a 2290 schedule 1 Form?

2290 Schedule 1 acts as a HVUT payment proof. When you’re filing Form 2290 with the IRS, you’ll transmit two copies of Form 2290 to the IRS. The IRS sends back one copy to the filer by providing an IRS digital watermarked logo. The copy which the filer received with the IRS logo is known as “2290 schedule 1”. Use schedule 1 in vehicle registration, renewing tags, license plates etc.

How to receive a 2290 schedule 1 copy?

The method you choose to submit tax returns helps in determining How long does it take to get my 2290 back. Paper forms submitted take nearly 4-6 weeks for the IRS to process your returns. You’ll receive schedule 1 copy 6 weeks after submitting 2290 returns to the IRS. If you e-file 2290s, the IRS processes your returns in minutes. Hence, you’ll get the IRS 2290 schedule 1 copy immediately after the IRS processes your returns. Besides, most of the truckers ask if I've lost my schedule 1. How do I get a copy? You can get the lost schedule 1 by logging in back to the e-file account. You can download or print a number of copies online.


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