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IRS Form 2290 First Used Month of the Vehicle

File 2290 online for the tax year 2024-2025 based on First Use Month of the heavy vehicle using Form 2290 filing.

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How to file Form 2290 for new vehicles using Form 2290 filing?

First time filers can choose “Form2290filing.com” because it is certified by the IRS to participate in an e-filing program. The users can get step-by-step instructions to fill out HVUT 2290 and calculate truck tax quickly with a free tax calculator. Additionally, we have provided a free tax calculator to summarize the truck tax for a calendar year accurately. Sign up with us by providing an email address and phone number. Already existing users can easily login with us by providing email addresses and passwords. Start filing IRS Form 2290 for newly purchased vehicles by providing business information, and vehicle information.

simple steps
simple steps
simple steps

Significance of filing IRS Form 2290 online

Single e-file account multiple access

SetOnline filing allows the truck owners to file multiple heavy vehicles with a single e-file account. Along with multiple access, the truckers have an advantage of restoring the filing history. This helps to reduce keeping a track of filing records manually.

24*7 customer support

E-filing allows the truckers 24*7 customer support which helps them in filing Form 2290 effortlessly. The customer support team guides the truck owners in filling out the form conveniently and minimizes errors with instant audit check.

File freely irrespective of place

Filing 2290 electronically irrelevant of place and time. It allows the truck holders to file the form from any device and pay truck tax on-time. Additionally, the HVUT payments are safe and secured when filed online through IRS trusted e-file providers.

What does Form2290filing.com provide?

Form2290filing.com provides the truck holders to file the Form 2290 easily, securely, and conveniently with the IRS. It provides cloud storage which allows the truckers to restore back the filing history. The information provided by the trucker is saved in our software. This made the truckers effortlessly to file 2290 returns every year. Pay the road tax accordingly to the taxable gross weight of the vehicle.
E-filing reduces manual filing of Form 2290 to the IRS and provides a number of benefits to the trucking industry.
E-filing HVUT return forms are available for the tax year which begins on July 1st, 2025 and ends on June 30th, 2025. Pay the truck tax by August 31st, 2025 annually and avoid the risk of paying Form 2290 penalties and interests.
Form 2290 filing guides the trucker owners when to file a 2290 tax return based on the First Use Month of the heavy vehicle. Hurry up! Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax for newly purchased vehicles by considering taxable gross weight of the vehicle.

What is Form 2290 First Use Month?

The month in which the heavy vehicle was purchased and started to use on public highways in the US during the tax year is called “First Use Month of the vehicle”. According to the IRS, the heavy vehicle which is newly purchased with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more is required to pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. HVUT is the tax imposed on heavy vehicles for using public highways in the course of business or trade. It depends on the taxable gross weight, mileage limit, and FUM of the vehicle.
For instance, Jackson purchased a heavy vehicle in the month of September, 2025 and started using it on public highways. The FUM of the heavy vehicle is “September”.

When to file Form 2290 for new vehicles?

The truckers must file Form 2290 for newly purchased vehicles by the last date of the following month of FUM of the vehicle. For instance, Jackson purchased the heavy vehicle in the month of October. Then he must file Form 2290 by November 30, 2025 for the tax period November 2025 to June 30th, 2025. For more details, look at the below table for filing Form 2290 with respect to FUM:

First Use Month of the vehicle

Last date to File Form 2290

July 2025
August 31st, 2025
August 2025
September 30th, 2025
September 2025
November 1st, 2025
October 2025
November 30th, 2025
November 2025
December 31st, 2025
December 2025
January 31st, 2025
January 2025
February 28th, 2025
February 2025
March 31st, 2025
March 2025
May 2nd, 2025
April 2025
May 31st, 2025
May 2025
June 30th, 2025
June 2025
August 1st, 2025

Importance of Form 2290 First Use Month

As per IRS guidelines, a tax year begins in the month of July of the current year and ends in the month of June 30th of the following year. Every trucker needs to pay road tax annually by filing Form 2290 at the end of August i.e., 31st August. You are not required to pay road tax when the heavy vehicle was not used on public highways during the tax period. When you are filing 2290 return Form, you need to consider:

● First Use Month of the Vehicle, and
● Record keeping;

For example, Jackson is a seasonal truck operator. This means he uses the heavy vehicle only in a particular period in a tax year. He mostly uses his truck only between September and December covering 5,000 miles. Therefore, Jackson should File Form 2290 each year specifying FUM as September.

Difference between IRS Form 2290 amendment month and First Use Month

The difference between IRS Form 2290 amendment month and First Use Month are discussed in the below table:

First Use Month of the vehicle

Amendment month of the vehicle

The FUM of the vehicle is the month in which the heavy vehicle was purchased.
The amendment month of the vehicle is the month in which the vehicle category was changed.
This is used when filing Form 2290 for the first time.
This is used in filing 2290 amendment returns for previously filed forms.
For the new vehicles, HVUT Form is filed at the end of the following of FUM.
Form 2290 is filed by the end of the following month in which the vehicle changed its category.
Based on the FUM and taxable gross weight the truckers pay road tax.
Truckers pay additional tax for previously filed Form due to change in the vehicle category.

HVT Form 2290 filing requirements

Most of the truckers get confused and file IRS Form 2290 errors and face the risk of heavy penalties. To avoid penalty issues, every truck holder needs to keep a track of records which are required to file the Form. Given below are the key requirements to file 2290 tax returns:

First Use Month

The trucker who is paying road tax to the IRS must keep a record of when the vehicle was firstly used on public highways. As we know earlier, FUM of heavy vehicles plays a major role in calculating and paying Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes. The IRS suggests every truck owner to keep a track of FUM of the vehicle.

Mileage limit

Secondly, the mileage limit of the vehicle is necessary to file HVUT returns to the IRS. You’re required to pay the taxes on heavy vehicles when the vehicle travels more than 5,000 miles in a calendar year.

Taxable Gross weight

The truck tax depends on the taxable gross weight of the vehicle. So, as a truck owner keep a track of records on the gross weight of the heavy vehicle. Immediately report the change in the vehicle category and pay additional taxes using another Form 2290.

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