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E-file IRS Form 2290 – 100% Secured with Form 2290 Filing

Form 2290 Filing is accepting 2024-2025 HVUT 2290 returns now! File 2290 tax return forms for the tax period beginning from July 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024 with us. Electronic filing 2290 taxes is the best when filed with an IRS-certified e-file provider. Report road taxes with the IRS fast, secure, easy, and safe online. The most convenient way of reporting 2290s is through Form2290filing.com. We are IRS authorized e-file provider which provides the highest preference to secure the information provided on Form 2290. Furthermore, the filers can freely file tax returns with zero-down typos and mistakes. Moreover, we provide greater convenience by reducing hassles that occur when filing 2290 tax forms.

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Our Features

Easy and safe record keeping

The truckers can experience an easy filing process with step-by-step complete guidance with us. Additionally, our tax filing software stores the 2290 filing information safely in the cloud. Moreover, our tax filing software is a cloud computing model which allows the data to store on remote servers.

Greater accuracy in processing

Compared to paper filing, e-filing with Form 2290 filing provides greater accuracy in processing 2290 returns to the IRS. The truckers can experience accurate transmitting tax returns hassle freely.

Instant text alert

We provide instant updates on a 2290 tax return status once it is made available by the IRS. Additionally, we will remind you when the 2290 taxes are due to the IRS for the following year before the due date.

High security and privacy

We give prior to the information provided by the truckers when filing 2290 returns. The information is highly secured with 256-bit security encrypted software.

24/7/365 availability

By e-filing 2290 Tax Form with us, the truck owners can file tax return forms irrespective of time. Our e-filing service is available 24*7 and 365 days.

Great chat & e-mail support

Furthermore, we provide great chat and e-mail support to resolve the queries which occur when filing 2290 tax returns.

2290 Tax File today to get your schedule 1 in minutes

For transporters with vehicles at 55,000 pounds or all the more, e-filing heavy vehicle use tax (2290 Tax) is simpler and quicker than any time in recent memory with is easier and faster than ever with form2290filing.com

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    As a self-filing user enter 2290 information as you experience multiple pages. Firstly, select the tax year, enter the business information, then recheck the information by using instant audit checks and e-file 2290 Tax Returns.

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Why E-file IRS Form 2290?

2290 Tax is a Federal Excise Tax Form used mostly by trucking organizations that uses heavy vehicles on public roads for transportation. In general, 2290 returns must be filed during the fiscal year of July 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024. As we know, e-filing HVUT returns made a drastic change in the trucking industry. It reduces the process of receiving Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment proof from 6 weeks to less than 5 minutes. In addition to this, the tax amounts are calculated within minutes based on the FUM and vehicle’s weight. Furthermore, e-filing with an IRS trusted e-file provider provides a complete guide to submit the tax returns to the IRS. Moreover, the ease and speed of online filing amaze the first-time filers who choose e-filing. A most important feature that fascinates the truckers is that next year filing can be performed within few clicks as all information required is stored. With the help of online filing 2290 taxes, the trucker can access their filing information for 5 years. Additionally, the truck owners can file amendment returns, VIN corrections, and can claim credit easily.

What is 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?

2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is a fee imposed on heavy vehicles annually for using public highways on the course of business or trade. This a Federal Excise Tax for vehicles with a registered gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. In addition to this, the tax is imposed on heavy vehicles which travel more than 5,000 miles in a tax year.

For example, Jackson purchased a heavy vehicle of the gross weight of 56,000 pounds and operates a business on public highways within the US. He is responsible to pay 2290 tax to use public highways for transportation with a gross weight of 56,000 pounds and a mileage limit of 5,000.

What are the requirements to calculate 2290 tax?

The requirements to calculate 2290 taxes are given below:

First Use Month of the vehicle

The FUM of the vehicle is the month in which the heavy vehicle started using on the public highways for transportation. FUM plays a vital role when calculating taxes. With the help of FUM, the trucker can estimate when the 2290 taxes are due to the IRS.

Taxable gross weight of the vehicle

The taxable gross weight of the vehicle is the sum of the empty weight of the vehicle, the actual unloaded weight of the trailers, and the weight of the maximum load carried. Gross weight of the vehicle determines whether the trucker is required to pay highway taxes or not.

Mileage limit of the vehicle

The mileage limit of the vehicle is the number of miles the heavy vehicle traveled in a tax period. By considering the mileage limit the 2290 taxes are imposed or can be claimed back.

Form 2290 tax computation table

2290 taxes calculations are as below:

Taxable gross weight Heavy Vehicle Use Tax per vehicle
Less than 55,000 pounds No tax
55,000 pounds $100 per vehicle
55,000 pounds – 75,000 pounds $100+ $22 per 1,000 pounds over 55,000 pounds
More than 75,000 pounds $550

From the above table, it is clear that vehicles with taxable gross weight less than 55,000 pounds are not required to pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Furthermore, the highway tax depends on the taxable gross weight of the vehicle. This means, as there is an increase in taxable gross weight the road tax also increases and vice versa. The maximum heavy vehicle tax imposed on a heavy vehicle is $550.

Step-by-step 2290 tax calculation online

Follow the below steps to calculate the taxes online:

Select your tax period

As per the IRS rules and regulations, the tax period begins in the starting month of July of the current year and ends in the month of June of the following year. The truckers must select the tax period based on the FUM of the vehicle to calculate 2290 taxes.

Choose the FUM of the vehicle

The truck owners are responsible to choose the First Use Month of the heavy vehicle. For instance, if the trucker purchased the heavy vehicle in the month of March 1st, 2024, and started using the vehicle on public highways. Then the vehicle’s FUM will be “March”.

Select the vehicle category

As we know, heavy vehicles are divided into three categories i.e., taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles, and credit vehicles. The trucker must select the vehicle category for which the 2290 taxes are calculated.

Enter the taxable vehicle count

The taxable vehicle count is the number of vehicles for which the trucker needs to calculate the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. When the taxable gross weight of the heavy vehicles is the same, the trucker can calculate 2290 taxes for numerous vehicles at once accurately.

Enter the logging vehicle count

A logging vehicle is used mostly to transport forest goods to and from harvest locations and is taxed at different rates from other highway vehicles. The truck owner must provide the number of logging vehicles used along with heavy vehicles when calculating road taxes.

After providing the above details, the e-filing system software automatically calculates taxes which you are required to pay to the IRS. Additionally, it also provides you when the taxes that are due to the IRS.

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